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Wood remains the favorite for high quality homes and structures. The old-world charm and quality of wood makes it one of the most sensible materials in the twenty-first century. Here are a few reasons:

Wood remains one of the most thermally efficient materials known.

Wood is re-grown for the future generations. (We have more trees today in America than we did at the end of the nineteenth century.)

“Wood is the standard material for residential windows. Ease-of-use makes for easier custom windows, which is why highly detailed designs are typically made from wood.”

Wood lasts as long as the structure. Even many centuries-old buildings still have their original windows. They never go of out style, so you won’t want to change them.

Teak and mahogany woods are nearly maintenance free. Other woods need to be stained or sealed and painted. Dents, scratches and gouges are easily repaired by filling, sanding and painting. Other materials may not need maintenance; but cannot be as easily repaired. They look their age and typically the color cannot be changed when you repaint the house.

Wood takes less energy to produce than other building products, and excess wood material is easily recyclable in the fabrication process. Trees naturally store CO2, so it is stored in the wood in buildings. It remains trapped until it is burned or decomposes. Other materials consume energy to make, and energy to recycle.

Wood is the natural and environmentally smart choice.

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