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About Paramount

With the vision of building fine furniture grade, hand-crafted wood products, in just two decades Paramount has grown from a small operation to one with dozens of skilled woodworkers in 32,500 square feet of fabrication space in San Bernardino, California.

To preserve this vision to produce top-quality wood products, Don McFarland still walks the shop daily to insure that every window and door meets his high quality standards. Every door and window is expected to be as good as they were when he hand-built them himself.

Today, the traditional quality of the product is also reflected by the financial strength and agility of the company. It’s personal with the McFarland family. The company and the products always reflect their original goal of building the finest furniture grade wood products, for fine homes, restoration projects and commercial structures.

At Paramount Windows and Doors, building a fine product and company is synonymous with caring about our people, distributors and the environment. We endeavor to blend all these aspects into a company that excels at delivering the best.

We blend traditional woodworking skills with technical knowledge to provide old-world quality with today’s energy-efficient and sound attenuating products. We also work to recycle all product waste.

Our shop is located at 723 West Mill Street in San Bernardino.

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