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Why Paramount Windows and Doors?

Windows are one of the single most expensive investments made in a home. Paramount builds all types of windows and many types of doors.

Paramount maintains quality standards above other wood window manufacturers. We make our windows to last because we know they will be in the house for decades and perhaps centuries.

We believe in wood. We think it is not only aesthetically superior; it is also the most environmentally responsible window material. Wood windows create a warm interior, whether painted or stained, unmatched by other windows. Externally they give homes and commercial buildings a quality look, and the color can be changed to match changes in color preferences over the decades. They will always be in style.

Paramount custom builds each window. Our fine furniture grade wood windows can match almost any existing window, and any window space imaginable. We take pride in surpassing industry standards and turn-around times, and our most exquisite quality.

For Acme double hung windows, we use only the authentic Acme Duplex balances. These balances create serviceable windows for decades without need of replacement. Other companies skimp on lower quality balances that lose lifting capability over time.

Window and door retailers appreciate rapid delivery, custom solutions and great customer service. We continually work on upgrading methodology and business systems to improve service.

Paramount Windows and Doors are delivered throughout metro L.A., Santa Barbara, Orange and San Diego Counties and the Inland Empire.


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