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Available January 15, 2010

  • In-House, two-coat exterior priming.
  • All sides
  • Smooth surface
  • Cost effective
  • Environmentally friendly

Upon request, we will prime exterior windows and door surfaces. Our paint-ready primer is U/L 30 minute Certified "Class A" fire retardant, applied in our facility.

Apply final paint coats onsite, for weather resistant protection.

Paint Immediately Following Installation

  • Final paint must lap onto the window glass to provide a moisture seal.
  • It is extremely important that all pre-primed products be painted immediately following installation.
  • Although the product comes factory pre-primed, re-priming may be needed to exterior surfaces, if the exterior has been exposed to the elements for more than fifteen (15) days.
  • If you do not paint the product in the required time frame, the factory primer may need to be removed prior to re-priming.
  • It is imperative to paint all six sides, including exterior and interior surfaces.
  • Check factory pre-primer for missing areas on all surfaces.
  • Fill all staple holes and any voids with caulking and re-prime.
  • Be sure that any holes bored in doors for hardware are sealed with primer.
  • If re-priming, make sure you prepare the exterior surface properly by lightly sanding all sides with 180 grit sandpaper.
  • When re-priming, we only recommend a water-based, latex primer.
  • Use two coats of 100% high quality acrylic latex semi-gloss exterior house paint for finish paint on exterior
  • Avoid using dark colors on this product, because it can create great heat extremes, which can cause product and paint failure.

ALT- Dark colors facing the sun can absorb substantial heat, which can, in turn, can cause product or paint failure.

Failure to adhere to these normal sealing requirements will void warrantees.

  Pre-Primed Instructions Download the Factory Pre-Primed Instructions Here


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